Negotiation Trainings


"By far the best negotiation training I have had."

"An absolutely awesome training!”

"A great practice-oriented negotiation training that is absolutely worth attending."

"Anyone who has haggled enough and wants to learn to negotiate properly should attend this seminar."

"The speaker is an absolute professional. Simply the Best.”

“I can only say WOW!”

"An absolutely practical and outstanding negotiation training."

"I don't want to sit opposite the trainer in a negotiation."

"Anyone who didn't know how to negotiate with monopolists knows it now."

"Mr. Roithmeier knows all the tricks and conveys his knowledge in a humorous and descriptive way."

"It's a good thing I don't have to negotiate with the speaker."

"An excellent trainer. Especially his entertaining presentation of knowledge."

"I can't imagine a better speaker for this topic."

"Now I know how to negotiate successfully."

"Very humorously and descriptively mediated. Really great!”

"Now I finally know how to deal with difficult counterparts. An outstanding training!"

"Whoever believes that price increases are unavoidable has not yet attended this seminar."

"Now I know what mistakes I've made in negotiations so far."

"It's unbelievable how much savings potential there is in the purchasing of services."

"Great seminar! Never again will I let myself be "to be duped" by some service providers".

"Do not haggle: Negotiate! That's what I learned."

"To 'beat' the supplier with his own figures. What a marvellous strategy.”

"The trainer really knows, how to impart knowledge.”

"A “Must” for each buyer of services.”

"Clearly the trainer is no beginner at all and has negotiated not only once. An outstanding seminar!”

"Humorously, quick-witted and very experienced in his field: An absolutely top coach!”

"You can score points against monopolists! Excellent strategies!”

"To assert oneself against monopolists? Impossible, I would have said before this training. Great!”

"I wouldn't have thought you could achieve real savings with monopolists."

"Not only to ward off price increases, but to achieve real savings. I didn't think that would work."

"Finally working methods and strategies to completely 'wipe' price increases off the table."

"Those who still believe that price increases are unavoidable have not yet attended this seminar."

"Super mediation of knowledge: practical, interesting and descriptive."

"Converting a demanded price increase into genuine price reductions - before this seminar I would have laughed at everyone, who would have claimed that.”

"Negotiate based on TCO! Now I finally know how to be successful also with mighty suppliers."

"Negotiating without bluff and pressure is not possible, I thought. I have been taught better. A great seminar."

"A speaker from practice who knows all the tricks and pitfalls."

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