If we teach it, we live it.

There are many facilitators who talk a lot about practice but have not experienced it for a long time. This is different at the ARS EMENDI | ACADEMY: All our trainers are experienced practitioners, that guarantee you maximum success in training your staff to become high-performers.

Our professional purchasing and sales staff training sessions are highly interactive and include best practice case studies, role plays, individual or group exercises and resources such as video recordings. The provision of abundant training documents reinforces the session content and allows you to revisit it at any time. Furthermore, the participants can contribute specific examples from their professional practice in order to develop improved approaches and solutions.


  • Interactive input

  • Best practice case studies

  • Role plays

  • Individual exercises

  • Exercises for self-reflection

  • Teamwork

  • In-Class negotiations

  • In-Class case studies

  • Video recordings

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