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When it comes to selecting purchasing or sales trainings, you have many options. What differentiates the ARS EMENDI | ACADEMY is that our professional training solutions go far beyond the transfer of information, addressing core competencies in both functional and interpersonal skills. We believe that only when an organization successfully changes the behaviour of its people it can expect to improve its overall performance.

That is why the ARS EMENDI | ACADEMY does not offer "off-the-shelf" trainings, but only individually designed, tailor-made training measures. Trainings that drive significant improvement in performance by focusing on best practice strategies, methods and tools, communication expertise, professional attitude as well as emotional intelligence of every individual who participates.


1. Satisfaction guaranteed

Our trainings are rated as “Excellent” by all participants. We are very proud of this, but we have the permanent ambition to further improve the quality of our training solutions.

2. Hand-picked, first-class practitioners

All trainings are carried out exclusively by highly skilled and experienced practitioners, who have excellent participant evaluations and are both didactically and professionally up todate. This guarantees you maximum success in turning your staff into high performers.

3. Tailor-made contents and individual training designs

We not only plan and develop tailor-made qualification concepts or individual trainings for you, but also implement them individually according to your wishes: As classic in-house trainings, workshops, interval trainings, trainings-on-the-job, or in the form of individual or group coaching.

4. Worldwide, multilingual training courses

We can conduct all trainings worldwide in German, English or Spanish.

5. 100% practical relevance

In each training session the participants can contribute challenging examples from their own practice. These are then analysed, discussed and ideal solutions are developed to resolve the participant’s challenge.

6. Activating and „fun“ learning processes

The sustainable learning of new methods and behaviours as well as their implementation in practice are more successful the more the participants are involved actively in a training course. Therefore, all trainings of the ARS EMENDI | ACADEMY are highly interactive and designed to stimulate and promote the exchange of thoughts and ideas as well as the active participation of the attendees.

7. Best-In-Class knowledge

Your employees will get to know current strategies, methods and tools that have already proven their worth many times over in leading companies of all sizes and from a wide range of industries. Knowledge that can then be directly applied in your employees’ working environment.

8. Guaranteed up-to-date knowledge

Our trainings are characterised by practical orientation and continuous incorporation of the latest knowledge. We regularly update all our training courses, incorporate the latest developments and implement new, goal-oriented didactic methods for each course.

9. Extensive training documentation

Although our coaches and facilitators only use PowerPoint slides when necessary to increase the comprehensibility of topics discussed, in each training module the participants will receive extensive documentation, checklists, tools, etc. which they can use in their everyday professional life.

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